Steph Curry’s Season Stats in 13 lines of R Code

At Stattleship, we’re always on the lookout for stellar sports data vizzes and analyses. We came across Carl Allchin‘s succinct Tableau visualization of Steph Curry’s points per game compared to his season average.

We believe in simple and fast access to sports data for everyone. Here’s 13 lines of R code in order to get the same data (+9 games since he published and minus the SportsVu data) that Carl used for his visualization. You can then read the .csv file directly into Tableau Public. Updating the data to get Steph’s latest game performances is as simple as re-running this simple script. So go ahead, play around! For more information on what kind of sports data is available head on over to the playbook.

And just to prove that the above code does indeed produce up-to-date results, here’s the Tableau dashboard re-created (+9 more games since Carl created his). Click the image to launch the dashboard.

Steph Curry Season Stats Tableau

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