AI can help prevent mass shootings

Awesome, not awesome.


“Millions of people communicate using sign language, but so far projects to capture its complex gestures and translate them to verbal speech have had limited success. A new advance in real-time hand tracking from Google’s AI labs, however, could be the breakthrough some have been waiting for. The new technique uses a few clever shortcuts and, of course, the increasing general efficiency of machine learning systems to produce, in real time, a highly accurate map of the hand and all its fingers, using nothing but a smartphone and its camera.” — Devin Coldewey, Writer and Photographer Learn More from TechCrunch >

#Not Awesome

“…[A]rtificial intelligences, in seeking to please humanity, are likely to be highly emotional. By this definition, if you encoded an artificial intelligence with the need to please humanity sexually, their urgency to follow their programming constitutes sexual feelings. Feelings as real and valid as our own. Feelings that lead to the thing that feelings, probably, evolved to lead to: sex. One gets the sense that, for some digisexual people, removing the squishiness of the in-between stuff — the jealousy and hurt and betrayal and exploitation — improves their sexual enjoyment. No complications. The robot as ultimate partner. An outcome of evolution.” — Emma Grey Ellis, Writer Learn More from WIRED >

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