Customer Loyalty Feedback Meets Customer Relationship Management

clicktoolsIn my new book, Total Customer Experience, I illustrate why three types of customer loyalty are needed to understand the different ways your customers can show their loyalty towards your company or brand. The three types of loyalty are:

  1. Retention Loyalty: likelihood of customers to stay with a company
  2. Advocacy Loyalty: likelihood of customers to recommend the company/ advocate on the company’s behalf
  3. Purchasing Loyalty: likelihood of customers to expand their relationship with the company

Using this multi-faceted model, I developed a loyalty measurement approach, referred to as the RAPID Loyalty Approach, to help companies get a more comprehensive picture of customer loyalty. Understanding the factors that impact these different types of loyalty helps companies target customer experience improvement strategies to increase different types of customer loyalty.

Data Integration

When companies are able to link these RAPID loyalty metrics with other customer information, like purchase history, campaign responses and employee/partner feedback, the customer insights become deeper. TCELab  (where I am the Chief Customer Officer) is working with Clicktools to help Salesforce customers implement the RAPID Loyalty Approach. This partnership brings together TCELab’s survey knowledge and advisory services with Clicktools’ exceptional feedback software and Salesforce integration; for the fifth consecutive year, Clicktools has received the Salesforce AppExchange™ Customer Choice Award for Best Survey App.

TCELab will include RAPID surveys in Clicktools’ survey library, available in all Clicktools editions and  integrated easilywith a RAPID custom object.  Salesforce reports and dashboards, including linkage analysis will follow.  Customers can call on the expertise of TCELab for advice on tailoring the surveys for their organization and for support in analysis and reporting.

Joint Whitepaper from TCELab and Clicktools

David Jackson, founder and CEO of Clicktools, and I have co-written a whitepaper titled, “RAPID Loyalty: A Comprehensive Approach to Customer Loyalty,” to present the basic structure and benefits of the RAPID approach and to offer Clicktools customers access to a special program for getting started.

Download the Whitepaper >>

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