December 12, 2016 Health and Biotech analytics news roundup

Here’s the latest in health and biotech analytics:

Potential for wide-scale whole-genome sequencing in humans using nanopore approaches: Researchers have recently sequenced an entire human genome using Oxford Nanopore’s hand-held MinION devices. These instruments cost less than $1000 plus consumables, and have the potential to change the economics of sequencing.

Advanced Plan for Health Upgrades Next-Generation Predictive Analytics On Poindexter Population Health Management Platform: The platform currently assigns broad risk scores to patients based on demographic data. Now, the company claims to be able to predict the likelihood of specific catastrophic illnesses.

Can Blockchain Give Healthcare Payers Better Analytical Insight?: Jennifer Resnick summarizes a report from Deloitte on the technology. Potential uses include reducing overhead, detecting fraud, and managing provider directories.

Health Tech 2016: A Year To Recalibrate: David Shaywitz writes about the apparent gap between the promise of personalized medicine and actual progress. He understands that new techniques need to actually show real-world value, yet also sees the need for optimism as an impetus for advancement

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