Big data analytics are the future of cyber security

LAS VEGAS: Developments in hacking culture and enterprise technology mean that big data-led intelligence defences are the future of the security industry, according to EMC.

David Goulden, CEO of information infrastructure at EMC, made the claim during a press session at EMC World attended by V3.

“The security industry is changing dramatically. If you look to the past, firewall and antivirus technologies came up as the main solution in the second platform,” he said.

“But at this stage in IT the apps were generally used within the enterprise so it was manageable. But this is no longer the case in the third platform.”

Goulden explained that in today’s threat landscape there is no way that companies can keep determined adversaries out of their systems.

He added that to overcome the challenge businesses will have to adopt big data analytics solutions that identify and combat malicious activity on the network.

“The two big challenges in security are big data challenges and based on intelligence. The first is how to securely authenticate who is coming into the network,” he said.

“The second big challenge in security is the identification of anomalies occurring in your network in real time.”

EMC is one of many firms to cite analytics as the future of cyber security.

UK firm Darktrace said during an interview with V3 that businesses’ reliance on perimeter-based defences is a key reason why hackers can spend months at a time in companies’ systems undetected.

A lack of employee awareness regarding security best practice is another common problem at many businesses. Verizon said in March that poor security awareness results in the success of one in four phishing scams.

Taking a swipe at competitors, Goulden boasted that the sweep of data breaches resulting from businesses security practices has led to a rise in the number of companies migrating to RSA analytics solutions.

“We’re a generation ahead of people at this [big data analytics-based security]. Every public breach that has occurred in recent memory has been at companies using our competitors and many have since moved to use RSA technologies,” he said.

He added that the firm has monopolised on this trend, claiming: “75 percent of RSA’s work is aimed at improving security in the future.”

Despite Goulden’s bold claims RSA reported just $4m year-on-year growth in revenue in itsQ1 2015 financials.

RSA took in a total $248m in revenue, marking an overall $165m gross profit during the first three months of 2015.

Goulden’s comments follow the launch of EMC’s Data Domain DD9500 solution and updates for its ProtectPoint and CloudBoost services.

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