Best Practice In Analytics

Executives at a European Financial Services fi rm had a clear vision.
The company would create a data analytics application for all the markets
it served. It would then collect data about its customers’ behaviours and
preferences and, through analysis of the data, could identify opportunities
that would enable the fi rm to present the right o er to the right customer
at the right time. The company, thereby, would become more central to the
fi nancial lives of its customers. Rising revenues, of course, would follow.

Partway through the work of building the application, however, cost pressures at the fi rm whittled away at the
scope of the project. Instead of an application that would address all its markets, the fi rm decided to prioritise
one market and launch the application there. But the company had neglected to establish frameworks for
defi ning and categorising the data assets being collected, making it diffi cult (if not impossible) for the application
to recognise how data points related to each other

Note: This article originally appeared in FTIConsulting. Click for link here.

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